BSS saves the day for Team Flitwick

Business Continuity Planning is a contingency plan that considers what would need to be done if the worst happens, to enable a business to continue functioning. With the reliance companies now have on their IT infrastructure and business data, a plan is now an essential investment. The benefits of this type of planning are only realised in the case of a disaster, and many companies never have to put their contingency plans into action. Fortunately, Team Flitwick did have a business continuity plan in place when the Buncefield Oil Terminal caught fire on December 11th 2005.

As soon as he heard about the damage to Team Flitwick's administrative and sales centre, general manager, Mike Hood contacted Business Systems Services (BSS) so that telephone lines could be immediately transferred to another depot and the business continuity plan could be implemented. All of Team Flitwick's business data had been backed up and kept off-site, and as soon as BSS restored it onto a back-up server all their data was immediately available. Computer equipment was made available and updated so that the company could carry on its business.

The first explosion occurred at 6:02 on the Sunday morning and BSS were at work by 9:15, Mike Hood arranged temporary office space while BSS prepared replacement equipment for the damaged server and network. On the Sunday evening BSS personnel were dispatched with all the equipment needed to get the back-up depot up and running, and staff were logged in and taking customers' phone calls before 9 o'clock on Monday morning.

Fuel Oil News, April 2006

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