Pulse-IT launch Disaster Recovery solution for Small Businesses in South Wales

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Disaster Recovery (DR) should be part of a pre-prepared Business Continuity Plan (BCP) which documents, in detail, what should be done in the event of a given business continuity problem and who should do it.

Today, extensive use of computers to store and manipulate your company's data means it is likely that any problem that stops you accessing that data will damage your business. According to the Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 84% of UK businesses are heavily dependent on their IT systems with 1 in 6 small businesses struggling to continue to operate their businesses without IT. Accidental system failure or data corruption is now the most common incident affecting small businesses with 25% reporting an incident in the last year and the effects are highly disruptive with ½ of all businesses suggesting that they would suffer severe disruption if their IT system was out of operation for one day.

How long can a business survive without access to data?

Computer failure, theft, flood, fire or loss of data means that you need to resolve the problem, fix or replace with new hardware and restore your data. While new hardware is readily available, the time that it takes to fix or acquire it can be significant. Depending on your usage it can also take a lot of time, even days to build and restore data to your PC or Server.

Data backup

Even if you can manage for days or even weeks without your data are you sure you have a good copy of the software applications and data that you use to run your business? Have you tested the data and restoration process? Do you keep a copy away from your office or will you also lose your data copy in the event of theft or fire.

What if you are denied access to your offices?

Some events, a flood for example, might mean you can't get to your offices even if they haven't been damaged. A fire in an adjacent building might mean it's not safe to use your building.

So what do you need?

In the event of denial of access you need:

Pulse-IT can help make sure you have the right hardware, software and systems in place to allow your business to continue should disaster strike. For more information on this service call us now on 01792 222300 or get in touch. Can you afford not to?

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