In for a TREAT

Following a phone call from TREAT Trust Wales' founder, Melanie Davies, in June this year BSS are delighted to be able to offer their services to help the non-profit organisation raise their online profile.

The aim of the TREAT Trust Wales is to build a world class Treatment, Rehabilitation, Exercise And Therapy (TREAT) centre on land next to Morriston hospital in Swansea. Melanie was paralysed in a motorbike accident when she was 15 and founded the charity in 2000 with the promise of helping those with disability - whether permanent or temporary - improve their quality of life, fitness, sense of well-being and self-esteem.

Having heard Melanie's story and learning more about the charity Rhian Daniel, BSS' Creative Director, was keen to be able to offer Picseli's services to help enhance the charity's website and advise on social marketing. Rhian said:

"Melanie is an amazing woman and I couldn't help be impressed by her drive and determination - especially after all she has been through. Following a few short meetings (and reading her book, Never Say Die) I felt as if I'd known Melanie forever and could feel how passionate she was about TREAT. As well as being a fantastic centre of well-being it will be of great benefit to Swansea, South Wales and all those who wish to use it.

"The existing website was a great base to build on, and we could immediately see how we could enhance it to help TREAT gain more from their site. Despite having been established for 10 years the charity is not as well known as it should be and speading the word is a key objective to help TREAT raise the funds required for them to build their centre. I made some recommendations for social marketing that have been met with great enthusiasm and we are looking forward to seeing the results!"

Melanie said, "We were thrilled to be able to meet Rhian and all from Picseli. We felt we clicked straight away and I'm honoured to say I've made a new friend in Rhian. They saw the concept at once and we were delighted to see that they shared the TREAT dream.

"The help we've already had has been wonderful and fundamental in raising the charity's profile. We cannot thank Rhian and the team enough."

Mike, Melanie's husband and Vice-Chairman of TREAT added, "The combination of enthusiasm and commitment to assisting TREAT together with Rhian and the team's professional approach is quite awe-inspiring."'

To find out more visit the TREAT Trust Wales website at

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