Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery covers a range of services designed to get your business IT services up and running should disaster strike.

Do I need a Disaster Recovery plan?

If you rely on your business data to run your business, YES, it is vital that you have a Disaster Recovery plan in place. Some of the benefits include:

Server Recovery

Server Recovery forms the basic foundation for any Disaster Recovery Plan. It focuses on getting the centre point of your IT system back up and running, proving you  access to the data and applications central to your business.

What servers can be recovered?

As a Microsoft Partner we currently specialise in the recovery of Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 and 2008.

How long does it take?

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008, containing 30GB of data, with both data and hardware immediately available can be completely restored in under 60 minutes. Collection, communication and travel times must also be factored in.

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