Bespoke Software Development

At BSS we have the skills to develop a custom-built software application to meet your exact needs. We have a number of software engineers with experience in a range of programming languages and business models who will work closely with you to ensure your software does exactly what you need in a way you want to work.

Why Choose Bespoke over Packaged Software?

A bespoke system is a big investment to make, but the savings you can make in time and efficiency by not having to adapt your working methods to a packaged system will pay you back time after time. A bespoke system can incorporate all of your specific business processes, eliminating time spent wasted on non-relevant tasks for a more productive workforce.

How BSS Works

Following an initial consultation to get an in-depth understanding of your business and requirements a specification will be drawn up explaining exactly what the system will do. Once approved, the development will begin and you will be kept fully informed of all progress and provided regular releases so you can make sure the system does what you want. Thorough testing by our testing team and your staff will help to ensure the system is fit for purpose. When you are happy, we will install the system and provide full training - either on-site at your offices or in our training suite at our offices.

When the system is live we are available at the other end of the phone for any issues you may have where you will speak directly with the developer that built your system.

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